Protection With DFMD Always Keep You Safe

When it is concerned that you have to protect yourself from unforeseen attacks in an event, then rely on Secura Security which provides various safety articles along with DFMD (Door Frame Metal Detectors). In this way, the organization is engaged to provide security machines with technical specifications having quick installable facilities. These metal door detectors are useful to establish on one door entry as well as worthy for full coverage of multizone detection having 2-8 entry doors.

Our DFMD devices are integrated with transmitters and receivers and work with micro controller based technology to control the system effortlessly. The big computer LCD screen is attached to each and every DFMD for keeping an eye to all the persons. IN and OUT separate display alarms with audio and visual specific indication on the location for metal of the body is also integrated with our DFMD devices.

We are one of the top-notch DFMD suppliers in Delhi/NCR and Gurgaon region. Various big organizations are using our DFMD; lots of events were wrapped peacefully because of our safe, secure, and sure security services by establishing DFMD at each entrance as well as our security persons also handled awful situations vigilantly.

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